The Importance of Faster Internet in Rural Communities

The Hudson Institute recently published a study that was commissioned by the FRS. It got the staff here at ClearPath Fiber thinking, how many advantages to the community are we able to list? We understand that towns in the rural Louisiana area are using speedy internet services, however, how are business owners and individuals truly affected by having this service available?

According to the

  • Rural broadband companieshave contributed over $24.1B to the United States economy, through the follow-on effect of their operations, as well as their own operations
  • More than $100B in electronic commerce was supported by rural broadband, with the biggest share stemming from the industry of manufacturing.
  • Broadband services in rural communities increase accessibility for almost 20 percent of people in America residing in rural communities, which enables the usage of brand-new technologies like telemedicine, distance education, virtual monitoring systems that are aided by multi-participant interactive programming, as well as live-stream video.

By our brainstorming and calculations, there are a minimum of six ways broadband accessibility helps to grow our rural areas.

Companies Operate More Efficiently

High-speed broadband will mean businesses may connect to useful apps and tools. Direct deposit, employee payroll, online software such as Adobe, QuickBooks, Office, and online banking are luxuries to which most rural regions simply do not have access.

Employees Reduce Commute Time and Increase Remote Work

A lot of money is saved in rural communities in which workers once had no other option than to drive over an hour to work and put wear and tear on their cars. Lower vehicle maintenance costs and less stress – that sounds like a win/win to us.

Allows People to Start and Expand a Business

With easy accessibility to consumers online, online advertising options, networks, and website building tools, there is virtually no barrier to entry for brand-new business owners. Getting started with a PayPal account and Facebook page are free, and that simplicity will empower entrepreneurs to turn their vision into reality.

Boosts Area Growth in Jobs

A small community that has commercial land to sell is fine; yet add in a strong network that connects a large company to its consumers, workers, and vendors, and you have prime real estate for possible employers. Big business will bring jobs, and speedy internet will bring in business.

Educational Opportunities

From continuing education to college degrees to homeschooling – it is all available on the internet! Where students, at one time, had to get dressed and make their way into the physical classroom several days a week, the majority of educational programs currently provide online programs that are easier on rural students who live hours away from the closest campus.

Brings Local Businesses to the Global Markets

Sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, and eBay are an oasis for creators, crafters, “junkers,” and anybody else with something to sell. Businesses that have services to offer also can promote their business on the internet and put the Web to work for them. With a broadband connection, brands may connect to millions of prospects in just a couple of clicks.

How can ClearPath Fiber help?

ClearPath Fiber is a new Fiber Internet company that is laying fiber in rural Louisiana. Our goal is to provide a good internet option for rural America. The big internet providers do not make this available to rural America because they cannot make it profitable. ClearPath Fiber is dedicated to our mission and is making it happen. For more details, please contact ClearPath Fiber today through our easy online inquiry form.