We have the speed you need to work and play from home with our fiber networks. With speeds up to 1Gbps, you will never have to worry about missing a work conference, buffering during a streaming sports event, a homework assignment, or the winning shot in online gaming.

We do things a little different.

Why Choose ClearPath Fiber

We do things a little differently than your standard internet service provider. We don’t do gimmicky promos that put you in a constant need to call us to improve your rate. We make pricing simple and all-inclusive. We want to be your connection to the rest of the world and make it as easy as possible to make that essential connection.


Professional Standard Installation

Every initial installation to a home is performed by a trained technician who will walk you through how to use your equipment and get you online in no time.

18 Month Price Guarantee

We don’t like to raise rates. We guarantee that your rate will not change. We make it easy for you to change service levels if that rate is too high. We reward you for being a long-standing customer. The longer your streak the better the rewards.

No Data Limits

No. Data. Limits.

Enough said.